Cond√© Nast Consumer Marketing partnered with Charming Charlie, a  large accessories store with over 350 locations in the U.S.  Consumer Marketing worked with Lucky magazine and Charming Charlie to create a mutual-benefitting program. Lucky curated Charming Charlie accessories for several seasons. Collaborating with CC to select accessories, organize photo shoots, create print and digital assets helped to enhance and expand the Charming Charlie brand.

In-Store Signs - Spring 2014

In-store tabletop signs were dispersed throughout the store, inspiring customers to try out some of these trends that Lucky chose to showcase. The Lucky team chose the model, accessories and photographer. I got the images after the shoot and designed the signs.

In-Store Tip Cards - Spring 2014

In-store tip cards were handed out by Charming Charlie employees inspiring customers to try out the trends that Lucky and Charming Charlie collaborated on. The Lucky team chose the model, accessories and photographer.  After the shoot, I designed the logo and copy placement and worked closely with the printer to confirm delivery dates and color approvals.

In-Store Card Tip Cards - Holiday 2013

In-Store Tip Cards + Direct Mail

In-Store Signs - Fall 2013

In-Store Tabletop Signs

Other Assets

Several videos with Lucky editors were created, showcasing Charming Charlie products and how to wear them.

The videos were used on the Charming Charlie website, emails, social media, You Tube and other channels.

The tip cards content was repurposed into several channels including the Charming Charlie website, email, direct mail, and social media.

Additional images from the tip cards photo shoot were created specifically for social media. Video footage, tip cards content and behind-the-scenes images were also used on social media and You Tube.